Manta Ray


Hello! How is everyone’s weekend going? This weekend started off on a very exciting and fun note since we had an early birthday celebration for my hubby yesterday. Happy birthday Hubby! Speaking of the hubby, I do have a funny story to share about today’s outfit.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen the sneak peak of my outfit a few days ago. I had mentioned that my hubby called me a manta ray as soon as he saw me in this outfit. I can’t say it’s completely out of left field since the more I look at these pictures, I can see the uncanny resemblance (see here for a picture reference!). I mean, if you HAD to compare me to an animal, I GUESS it would be a manta ray (or some kind of sea creature). :)

However, I do pose one question. Why is it that guys always seem to associate colors and clothing to animals or objects?! It’s like they have some on and off switch in their brain that triggers it when they see an outfit. For a great example, I wore a yellow coat once and he took one look and said “BIG BIRD!”. I mean… Big Bird is cute and all, but let’s just say Big Bird was not my inspiration behind the yellow coat! You can bet I didn’t let him live that one down very easily, and I’m sure he’s super excited to be learning that I’m sharing the story with you all. ;)

Anyways, just a little food for thought about the interesting and intriguing ways guys and girls break down fashion differently (disclaimer: I’m sure not ALL guys do that :)). However, I guess I’m not completely innocent in the sense that when I see someone wearing red and green, I may or may not picture a Christmas tree - but hey, at least it’s because I’m slightly obsessed with the holidays and those colors make me very, very happy!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far, and for some of you, the weekend continues tomorrow (not jealous at all)!

Wearing: Top: ASOS (here ) Bottom: Purchased at a random boutique in Vancouver (love similar styles here and here) Shoes: Zara (love these here) Bag: Zara Accessories: Ily Couture earrings, David Yurman necklace, Nordstroms bracelet

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