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Hi! I really apologize for being so MIA over the past week! Things have been a little hectic since the Fourth - with finalizing our home renovations, then heading straight to Vegas after work on Friday, a nightmare flight delay coming back to LA (6 hours!) - let’s just say I’m happy to be home safe and sound and am just getting back into the groove of things.

I hope your Fourth of July was fun-filled and relaxing. Just a few pictures of my outfit from the Fourth (seems so long ago now!). I definitely wanted to stay cool in the heat, so I opted for this easy breezy cutout dress.

I’ve been nervous to wear this dress out for some time now – this is definitely considered out of my comfort zone since I’m typically on the conservative side in terms of how I dress. I guess working in a corporate environment for so long can really diminish the opportunities to try new fashion risks.

Since I purchased this dress several months ago, I dreamt of many different occasions I could wear it to: beach outings, brunch, picnics in the park, summer date nights – but nope, never happened. I would take it out, admire it, then put it back and say “next time”. Well, July 4th rolled around and in my patriotic attempt to dress in red, white or blue, I pulled this dress out again and decided to just go for it. When I first put it on, I wanted to keep my arms glued to my sides at all times to cover the cutouts (robot style). Then, as the day went on and the temperature rose (and rose and rose), I realized the cutouts were working in my favor and my skin could breathe easily with the extra holes, lol.

Also, you can tell from the pictures that the dress is pretty much backless, so I was also wearing a bikini under the dress, which actually gave me some comfort in knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions/slips, if you know what I mean. Basically, I have a whole new appreciation for cutouts in hot weather!

We hung out by the pool most of the afternoon for a nice relaxing day with some friends - a perfect day off if you ask me! :)

Sometimes, Mother Nature is what forces us to take some fashion risks and in this case, the summer sun was what pushed me to finally give this dress some well-deserved attention.

Wearing: Dress: ASOS (in pretty yellow here and a short version here) Tote: ASOS (here ) Bikini: Target Sunglasses: Forever 21 (here) Sandals: Zara (love these here!) Accessories: Vita Fede bracelets (here ), CC Skye feather bracelet (here), J.Crew hat (here)

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