fringe and flare

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This outfit has me feeling a little retro which I’ve been loving lately.  I personally think that everyone should invest in a pair of good flares because who wouldn’t want their legs to look miles longer than they really are? :) (Unless of course you already have super long legs then no need, you’re just blessed haha).

  I fell madly in love with this fringe sweater when I saw it in the store – it’s soft oatmeal color is so perfect and such a perfect Fall staple.   Not only is the color soft and cozy – it actually wears super comfy as well.  I typically stray away from too many turtleneck sweaters because I hate (DESPISE) wearing anything itchy, ESPECIALLY if it’s constraining to my neck – tell me I’m not alone on this.  That’s why sometimes when I see people spending an arm and a leg on cashmere or wool, I’m like, really??  You know it isn’t going to be comfortable!!!  Sorry- just my opinion.

I can’t believe it’s THANKSGIVING week!! Let the official holiday season commence! I am so excited to have Everly experience all the fun of the holidays this year!  I’m hoping she loves the holidays as much as we do – although I know it might take a few years for her to fully appreciate it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  As always, I’m thankful for all my readers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and reading!


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