How To Dress To Look Slimmer - 5 Tips

After winter your reflection in the mirror may depress you rather than bring joy, because your favorite pants do not fit anymore, your belly is sticking out and your muffin top throws away the possibility of wearing tight and sexy tops out of the window. Alas, that is the result of little physical activity and a lot of eating during holidays.

Just to be clear, it is still important to go to the fitness club, because you have to take care of your body and better sooner than later. But as I am an altruistic person, I’d like to share a few tips on how you can successfully hide some extra pounds of weight by skillfully and intentionally choosing the right clothing.

Pay attention to proportions

Personally, I prefer to wear pants as a bottom, so I will start with them. I always choose straight pants in dark colors: black or navy, graphite, bottle green or dark brown. This is the perfect choice for curvy ladies, because dark colors make you look thinner. Also, there is no need to shy away from jeans, made of thicker materials. Denim works well on curvy bodies too. This type of pants is ideal for women with round, thick hips.To cover the protruding belly, I recommend pants with a high waist. Fortunately, they are now in trend, so you can easily find them in nearly every store.

Some extra weight around the waist can be hidden under a looser shirt. It does not have to be baggy and two sizes bigger. That will create the opposite effect. It must be loose and yet slightly fit. You may even belt it to accentuate your waist.

Use colors

As mentioned above, darker colors are ideal for concealing some problematic areas. But what if you are bored with darkness? In spring and summer you want bright, vivid colors - not only in the surroundings, but in your clothes too. Good news: you don’t have to give up colors! Just remember one simple rule. Cool hues and shades - blue, purple, fuchsia, lilac, mint, lavender, gray, etc. - make you look slimmer. Warm hues - orange, yellow, coral, green, honey - on the contrary, add volume. This piece of information can come in handy for everyone - not just those who want to make themselves appear thinner.

Patterns can be your friends

This season is all about prints and you see them everywhere! You shouldn’t be afraid of them, but you must choose them wisely . Remember this: avoid teeny-tiny patterns as well as giant elements. For example, grates, peas or stripes should be of medium sized - not too small, not too big.

Go vertical

Yes, let’s not forget about vertical patterns! They can lengthen your silhouette and make you visually slimmer. This applies not only to the stripes, but also to the direction of printed elements as well as styling elements. Put on a dark coat, a jacket or a long cardigan with a dress of a light color and this combination will optically lengthen your figure. Have you noticed how skillfully Meghan Markle, the spouse of Prince Harry, use this trick now that she is pregnant? In order to make the protruding belly look visually smaller she always puts on an unbuttoned coat. It really works!

Get the accents right

Probably the most important and effective trick is to divert attention from the part of the body that you wish to conceal. Bright splashes of colors, embellishments, accessories, interesting prints - all of these work perfectly for this type of diversion. For example, you can put on big, flashy earrings to draw attention to your face or put on a bright skirt to show off your long slim legs. I am sure you have at least one favorite part of your body, so bring all the attention to it.

I hope these tips will help you feel confident and excited about the upcoming spring!

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