Who: Christine Wang

Where: Los Angeles, CA

What Industry do you work in? Hah, believe it or not (you’re going to get a kick out of this one), I work in the recycling industry! My Dad started a recycling company almost 40 years ago and I joined the company 3.5 years ago after working in finance right out of college. My Dad is the hardest working person I know and he is truly my hero. I feel blessed so to be able to work with him every day and have him mentor me in business and in life. Go green!

Why the Fashion Pledge? Fashion is all around us and being fashionable means something different to everyone. I think that’s what I love most about fashion– it’s versatile, interpretative and best of all, there’s no right or wrong. That is why I choose to stand by individuality when it comes to my personal style and that is my fashion pledge. I will always be inspired by the world around us, and I try to use all that I see and learn and translate that into my style. I can only hope that this blog will allow me to grow as a person and also meet others that share similar passions with me. As I hope to become more immersed in the fashion world through this creative outlet, I hope that you will all join me in my journey as I continue to develop my own personal style and take on new fashion risks. When it comes down to it, I’m just a girl in love with fashion. Follow along and take a walk with me through my fashion adventures!

Who takes your pictures? My hubby! He’s the most patient, kind hearted man I know and this has been a crazy and fun adventure for us. (especially learning how to create art and inspiration with an amazing ‘machine’ called the DSLR. So far, I think we’ve fared pretty well. P.s. – we shoot with a Nikon D3200