Off to Work: Burgundy Bow Top and Leather Lined Skirt
Off to Work: Burgundy Bow Top and Leather Lined Skirt

Happy Friday everyone! As much as I love dressing up on the weekends, playing with fun pieces in my closet, experimenting with new trends, or just lounging in casual wear - the reality is, 40+ (plus plus plus) hours of my weeks are not spent in those types of clothes (sadface). I would give a lot to be able to dress without certain restrictions, but alas, not all of us have that wonderful luxury. I stand envious of those that are able to dress freely at work AND be appreciated for it. The hardest part of it all is that I work with several relatives including my Dad, so you can imagine the stares and jaw-drops if I came in with say, my favorite faux leather pants. You know what I’m sayin’? However, over the past several years, I’ve really learned that dressing for work doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t have fun with it.

Since I started this blog, I’ve always wanted to make sure that it exhibited my true personal style. If my style is able to resonate with and possibly offer some inspiration to at least one person out there, then I’ll take it. Not to say that I haven’t been displaying my true style, but lately, while doing some reflecting on the blog, I’ve been feeling a little disappointed in myself in the sense that I’ve been so terribly bad at posting my work outfits. The main reason why is because by the time I get home from work, it’s usually dark and it would be silly to take my pictures in the dark (ok, more so I haven’t figured out how to work my camera and lighting in the dark yet). And now that Fall is here, I can throw taking pictures at 7PM out the window. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve been having so much fun being able to capture my weekend outfits but something just seems off. With that said, I’ve decided to start an “Off To Work” post series on my blog so I can give my work wardrobe a little more attention! :) I won’t be posting a work outfit every time, but I will definitely make an effort to post them more often going forward.

Anyhow, dressing for work can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re just entering the ‘real’ world. Hopefully, I can offer some comfort to those who dread getting dressed for work. I used to feel uneasy about it as well, but after learning to mix and match with a few simple items in my closet, I’ve realized that it doesn’t have to be difficult or boring!

Today’s outfit is just a simple but fun and time-crunch friendly pairing with a comfy fitted top and black skirt. I glammed it up a tad with a floral statement necklace. If your dress code at work allows for some leniency, sometimes I like to stray away from the typical black pencil skirt and opt for a more fun but still conservative option. However, a black pencil skirt is still absolutely on the top of my list for wardrobe staples! :)

Happy weekend my friends!

Wearing: Top: Ann Taylor Bottom: Piperlime (old, similar with a great price tag! here and also love this one here) Shoes: DSW (also love this one) Bag: Tory Burch Accessories: Mom’s necklace (love this similar one), Ferragamo wrap bracelet (similar) Sunglasses: Tom Ford