Four Eyes: 'Sharpen Your Wits' with Warby Parker
Four Eyes: 'Sharpen Your Wits' with Warby Parker

So I have a little confession - I’m pretty much blind as a bat when it comes to my vision. I still remember the first time I realized that I needed glasses. I was in 4th grade and was seated in the back of the class, trying my VERY best effort to squint in every way possible to see the whiteboard clearly. It wasn’t too long before my teacher caught on and sent me to the nurse’s office for a much needed eye exam. The glasses were not welcomed.

When you think back at how much eyewear has had an influence on fashion, it’s pretty amazing. As with all things in the fashion world, eyewear has gone through it’s fair share of styles and trends throughout the generations but has never stopped evolving. Nowadays, everyone is finding an excuse to pick up a pair of glasses to wear as an accessory to top off their chic outfits. I am not an exception. I always have eyewear in mind when piecing together outfits before I leave the house.

With that said, I’m excited to share Warby Parker’s new limited edition Fall collection which launches today! They’re debuting five new frames with 15 options, featuring optical and sunwear glasses - all perfect for the Fall!

The new collection is a tribute to old literary favorites of the midcentury - how cool is that?

If you have never heard about Warby Parker, I really suggest you check them out here. Think of them as a hybrid of TOMS shoes and Netflix but for eyewear. Intrigued? I really admire everything the company stands for and it doesn’t hurt that they keep their products at an extremely reasonable price (starting at $95) for the same quality as other high end brands. My favorite aspect is definitely their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” concept.

Currently, I still rely heavily on my contact lenses on a day to day basis and through my 10+ hour work days. Over the years, I’ve really felt the (over) extended wear of my contacts affect my eyes in a negative way.

With that said, in an attempt to save my eyes from complete destruction, I decided to begin my hunt for a new pair of glasses. I would love your help in picking a new pair!

I’ve picked a few of my favorites from their new collection.

Which ones do you think I should get??

::THE FUN:: Duckworth


::THE PLAYFUL:: Holcomb


::THE CHIC:: Ripley





Holcomb Marbled

Check out more of their Fall collection here and a short and sweet commercial here!