pumpkin spice

Good morning and happy Monday!  I was so excited to bring out this sweater that reminds me of a pumpkin spice latte by the fireplace (although I don’t drink coffee, hehe).  The color of this sweater/coat just screams “HELLO FALL” and that makes me so happy! I hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a pretty relaxing weekend

Fall Wishlist

Whenever Fall comes around, I’m always on the hunt for some great investment pieces that will be my go-to Fall staples and carry me through endless Fall seasons.  I’m usually drawn to pieces that are neutral in color, so that way they are versatile enough to wear over and over again.  There are always certain websites I like to visit when shopping for these

trouser love

Happy Monday! I was finally able to find a pair of sleek flared trousers that fit so comfortably, and I don’t even need to tailor them which is a HUGE score in my book.  Even though I’m not at my full time job anymore since having Everly, I can’t help but think in “work” outfit mode sometimes since I was so used to putting